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What goes into a blog post? Helpful content that: 1) gives other readers a useful takeaway, and 2) shows the "Falmouth Navigator" is a top rental facility here on Cape Cod!


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  1. The PAA-Navigator provides the most flexibility in renting a facility for your function!

    One can decorate the facility to achieve your needs. That is one of the benefits of renting the Navigator. Here are descriptions of a few rental situations, but let your imagination dream of your perfect event!

    A delegation from Portugal visited the Navigator following up various meetings with the Scientific community in Woods Hole. The intention was to create a social hour to tell the public of its mission and input from the community. The meeting was also recorded on Falmouth Community TV and posted to our web page. So an outreach group could see, on our web page, the highlights of their event! What better way to advertise the outreach of the event to stimulate more potential business of cooperation!

    Additionally, there was a follow up where the Consul of Portugal hosted a “Taste to America” and provided Madeira Wine tasting. The wine taster also dressed in a period costume to celebrate the signing the first consulate of the USA! Following this event was traditional guitarists and a wonderful singer who entertained a large group! And yes, traditional food was served!

    Another function was a party where over 500 origami were suspended from the ceiling representing our Japanese friends who wanted a strong theme for their event. We have been hosting a group from India who enjoy their foods and music! The Navigator truly hosts many who fing our facility perfect for their needs!

    Don’t forget we have the Cub Scouts, and Boy/Girl Scouts holding their ceremonies, the 300 Committees holding their business meetings, and several businesses holding sales/technical meetings

    For voting, the Navigator has been a voting precint for many years serving the local population on their civic duties!

    Let us know how we can make your future plans a success!

    Warm regards,

    Peter Butler

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