Many different configurations

Location is great!

"The Navigator" is located in a Cape Cod rural location 7 miles north of Falmouth Center and 12 miles south of the Bourne Bridge. It is easily reached easterly on Rte-151 from Rte-28. 55 Ashumet Road is 1/4 mile off Sandwich Road. See the map.  There is plenty of om-site parking, on two levels, including handicapped spots, and it is well lit!



Over the years, many forms of entertainment have been used: DJs, Bands, Plays/Skits, Chorus, dancers! Just let us know what your plans!

Business Class WiFi is available

The dance floor and stage setting can accommodate many situations. Let our function coordinator experts help you with your plans!


Summer Season!

During the Outdoor Season, "The Navigator" has a very pretty patio and is available for use to those who wish to have a tent or a special setup.

"The Navigator" has an outdoor BBQ area (Bring your own equipment or use a caterer) under a roof and this becomes a fun place to have your cookout or clam/lobster boil! Why not consider a tent rental from a 3rd party provider!